Learn Online Vastu Shastra Course from the Best Institute in India

Vastu Shastra literally translates into the "Science of Architecture". There are many ancient books which give the knowledge of the science of Vastu which tends to promote harmony and prosperity to the people living in that particular house by enhancing positive energies and reducing the negative energies. All of us spread about 12 to 14 hours in our house and hence, it matters a lot to get bombarded with positive energies all the time. So what all things we need to do get all the positive vibes out of our home or office? The answer is Vastu Shastra. It is a basic understanding that the Universe itself is a vibrational entity. Various scientific facts tell us that there is a natural frequency to all the objects. Therefore, every object, living, non-living including a piece of construction has a particular vibrational energy. It is now quite clear that our human bodies are always being hit by some kind of energy. These energies can be either positive or negative. Positive energy has a calming effect on you while the negative energy gives negative effects.

Vastu Course at Astro Shiksha aims to eliminate the effects of negative energies and improve the amount of positive energy you absorb at your home or office. By learning online Vastu course by the best Astrologers of India, you can learn a new dimension and make a peaceful life for yourself filled with joy, prosperity, and good health. Not only this, but you can also help other people with the construction of their home, shop, office, factory etc. Make use of the building principles of Vastu to avoid many terrible consequences of bad Vastu such as untimely death, loss of capital, illness, mental disorder among others.

Learning Vastu Course From Best Institute Of Astro Shiksha

  • Study of the science of construction, ancient structures and scriptures on Vastu Shastra.
  • Application of Vastu, the five elements and ten-directions.
  • Understanding the aspects of choosing the location for the construction of house, office or shop.
  • Studying the various compass directions and their effects on the building.
  • Learn the basics of drawing the map including ancient and modern techniques. Various mathematical formulae, map study, zone study are done.
  • Learn how soil testing is done and identify the best location for construction. Making out the auspicious time of construction.
  • Study of placement of walls, underground tanks, foundation elements, placement of doors, outside plants etc.
  • Placement of pillars and beams are also taught, overall building layout, bead rooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilets balcony etc.
  • Various aspects of interior design, paint colours, construction materials (tiles, stone, wood) furniture flooring are also discussed.
  • Study about the compass directions followed by good and bad bits of the directions
  • Astrological aspects like zodiac signs and lucky numbers are also considered for placement of certain items.

Benefits Of Vastu Shastra Course

  • Become a respected Vastu practitioner.
  • A great career perspective.
  • Become financial independence.
  • High demand in India for new house construction.
  • Transform you house into a prosperous shelter.
  • Help other create best house maps for peaceful living.