Here is how Potent is Vastu Course at Astro Shiksha

Vastu Shastra is a Sanskrit word which translates into the "Science of Architecture". Many ancient Sanskrit texts are available which provides us with the knowledge about the science of Vastu. This amazing Vedic science of Architecture helps in promoting harmony and prosperity to the people living in a particular house by enhancing positive energies and reducing the negative energies in the house.

Why do you need the knowledge of Vastu for your daily life? We all spend about 12 to 14 hours in our house on a daily basis, hence it is advised that we are bombarded with positive energies all this time. These positive energies promote healthy mental state which blossoms into happiness, good health, and prosperity. So, to find these positive energies in your house you need to understand the knowledge of Vastu.

On the quantum level, the Universe is a vibrational entity and everything contained in it also a form of vibration. Many scientific facts prove us the presence of natural frequency in all the objects. Therefore, we can say that all living and non-living things including a piece of construction has some kind of vibrational energy. And it is now quite clear to you that a human body is always under the influence of some kind of energy round the clock. These energies can be either positive or negative in nature. Positive energy has a calming effect on you, the negative energies, on the other hand, cause dreadful effects.

These are very reason Astro Shiksha has brought you with a well-researched and profound Vastu Course. With the completion of Vastu course at Astro Shiksha you will be able to eliminate the effects of negative energies and improve the amount of positive energies that a house occupant can absorb at his/her home or office. You will learn a new dimension and make a peaceful life for yourself, your family and friends by filing it with joy, prosperity, and good health. Not only this, but you can also work as a professional Vastu Expert and help people with the construction of their home, shop, office, factory etc. By implementing the building principles of Vastu, you can avoid many terrible consequences of weak, negative or bad Vastu such as, loss of capital, irritation, domestic violence and quarrels, illness, mental disorder among others and most terrible, untimely death. Learn Vastu course at Astro Shiksha by the best Vastu Expert in India.

Following topics will be covered in Vastu Course at Astro Shiksha:

  • Introduction to Vedic Vastu and its origin.
  • Introduction of the five elements.
  • Introduction to the ten directions.
  • Understanding the aspects of choosing location for construction and direction of foundation.
  • Types of Land, land testing, and Soil testing and their results.
  • Plot Facing and Slope of land.
  • Map designing as per Vastu
  • Understanding positioning of drawing room, bedrooms, study room, kitchen, lobby, bathroom, toilet, beams, pillars, doors, windows, septic tank, staircase and more.
  • Height of the House
  • Relation between panchmahabhoot.
  • Shalyadosh and how to detect it.
  • Surroundings and environment – Roads, Trees etc.
  • Extension of land. Cut of land.
  • Vedashul (obstacles and hindrances).
  • Alternative directions.
  • Commercial Vastu in detail.
  • Remedies for bad Vastu.
  • Color symbolism.
  • Understanding of Maps.