What you’ll learn from Online Astrology Course at Astro Shiksha?

Astrology is the science of movement of various planets and their effects on a person’s life. These effects can be anything from good to bad or even worse. There are many types of Astrology, however, here at Astro Shiksha you will learn most accurate Vedic Astrology.

Astrology mainly comprise of nine planets and a birth chart; this Birth Chart is called Kundli. There are twelve equally divided quadrants in the Kundli which are called houses or ‘Bhav.’ In these houses movements of the nine planets are recorded and their dasha is analysed. It is a predefined notion which tells us a particular planet in a certain house will cause some kind of effect to a person’s life. This effect can be good, bad, or neutral and is completely depended on the nature of planets, house number, and combination of multiple planets.

When a person is born, the position of all the planets are recorded and in developed in to Kundli. One can understand this by saying that your Kundli is basically a snapshot of the planets when you were born. This way one can know the zodiac sign of the person and his/her life can be predicted easily just by learning how a certain planet will affect the person physically and mentally. All these things can be effectively learned from one of the best Astrologers in India.

After the completion of this Astrology course in India, you’ll be able to understand and solve others’ life problems. The online Astrology course at Astro Shiksha will make you learn various concepts.

Basic Astrology Course Concepts

  • Basic Astrology and Astronomy Concepts.
  • Learning about the houses and their effects.
  • Movement of planets in each house.
  • Consequences of planets.
  • Study of each planet and their character.
  • Nature and behaviour in every house.
  • Understanding the possible behaviour of people.
  • Understanding mool.
  • Study of tithi and yog.
  • Horoscope calculations.
  • Manglik dosh, Pitra dosh, Manglik dosh.
  • Question horoscope.
  • All remedies as per planets.
  • Study of gemstones.
  • Event Planning Method.
  • Finance Astrology.

With our online Astrology courses:

  • Muhurats and their calculations.
  • Hindu months, and Zodiac signs.
  • Match making, Arrange marriage,
  • Love marriage, Re-marriage and Divorce.
  • Education and Higher Education, Stream
  • Grading Success and Line of Education
  • Suitable Career with Job and Business.
  • Childbirth, problems and solutions.
  • All types and scale of Litigations, Arrest
  • Kidnapping, Home-arrest, Murder etc.
  • Property and Vehicle.
  • Travel and Foreign Settlement.
  • Health (Medical Astrology).
  • Longevity – Nadi Nakshatra
  • Transits and traveling.
  • Horary – Accurate Prashan Kundli answer.
  • BTR – Birth Time Rectification.

Many things can be done after learning Astrology from Astro Shiksha. The first and foremost is that you can predict the future of your family members and rectify any impending problems with accurate remedies. This way, your life will be filled with happiness and prosperity and no negative energies can disrupt your peace of mind. Second benefit you can get by learning Astrology is that it can open a new path to second income source and automatically your financial problems will say bye-bye to you.

Learning Astrology online has many other elements which can be understood only when you learn Astrology course from a good teacher. Pandit K. A. Dubey Padmesh Ji has over 50 years of experience in Astrology and related sciences. Learning from such a knowledgeable and generous person in once-in-a-lifetime experience.