Learning Dasha Gyan Course From Best Astrologer In India

There are many Dasha types available in Astrology. Dasha is a Sanskrit term which translates into planetary periods. One can understand this by saying how long a certain planet stays in a particular house. Each planet or Graha has a certain ruling period in a person’s life and the Dasha system explains about the same. During this time, good and bad effects of the planets are produced. These effects are differentiated by the placement of zodiac signs, various combinations (Yog) as well as aspects. Dasha System or 'Paddhati' as it is called in Hindi is especially found in the Vedic astrology. There are many types of Dasha systems such as Parashara, Vimshottari, and Ashtottari.

One can become expert on the effects of the planets on a person's life as well as their distribution by studying a particular Dasha system type. At Astro Shiksha, You can learn about the Dasha systems according to our Vedic literature. You can learn Dasha Gyan course at the comfort of your home from the Best Astrologer of India Pandit KA Dubey Padmesh Ji.

Course Details

  • Various types of Dasha Paddhati in vedic astrology.
  • Placement of Rashi on and its effects.
  • How Yog and Raj Yog affects the Dasha predictions.
  • Effects of Drishti on the predictions.
  • Placements of planets in different Houses.
  • Good effects of Planets in various Dasha type.
  • Bad effects of planets in different dasha type.
  • Period of Sun, Moon, and Mars.
  • Exact period of Rahu, Jupiter, and Saturn.
  • Ruling period of Mercury, Ketu, and Venus.

Benefits Of Learning Dasha System

  • Become a respected Dasha expert.
  • Make a career in Dasha systems.
  • Become financial independence.
  • Impart knowledge to others who seek.
  • Helps other with their problems.