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You live your life on your own terms, try to control things which are happening around you through the people under your guidance or those who are in a certain relationship with you. However, life is a culmination of countless deeds, good times..

Brief about the profound Numerology Course at Astro Shiksha

Have you ever wondered what is Numerology and why it is mentioned by most Astrologers and Numerologist? Actually, Numerology is the study of numbers that is said to govern your life and their effects are pronounced in our entire life..

Here is how Potent is Vastu Course at Astro Shiksha

Vastu Shastra is a Sanskrit word which translates into the "Science of Architecture". Many ancient Sanskrit texts are available which provides us with the knowledge about the science of Vastu. This amazing Vedic science of Architecture..

What you’ll learn from Online Astrology Course at Astro Shiksha?

Astrology is the science of movement of various planets and their effects on a person’s life. These effects can be anything from good to bad or even worse. There are many types of Astrology, however, here at Astro Shiksha you will learn most accurate Vedic Astrology. Astrology mainly comprise of nine..

Understanding Online Astrology Courses At Astro Shiksha

Astro Shiksha is an advanced platform where various online astrology courses are offered. A culmination of best online astrology courses including Predictive Astrology, Numerology, Dasha Gyan, and Vastu are taught by the most renowned astrologer of India, Pandit KA Dubey Padmesh Ji..

Here is all you need to know about Career Astrology.

Career and profession is a very important aspect of our lives. A good and well-balanced career and working life stabilise our life, bring satisfaction and a sense of achievement and help us lead a holistic life. After all, who does not wish to become successful in life and earn a good amount of money..

What is Vastu and its Importance in Our Lives.

Vastu is an ancient science of architecture in which various principles are used for design and construction in the form of measurements in order to make a building an energy-efficient.Every building has a certain purpose which is to be achieved by using space inside the building.

Everything You Need to Know About Marriage Astrology!

Marriage is very important in the life of a person. It is a very important decision of life as a lot of different aspects are dependent on the Girl/Boy you marry. A need for mutual understanding is needed, a need for pure love is there, must commit for one another in their hard times so that to have mental support in the time of need..

What is the Role Of Planets in Astrology?

Planets are heavenly bodies moving in their orbit around the sun. Their movements has been studied and observed over time and have been confirmed by experiments. They can be seen in the structure of our solar system. Each of these planets has nearly a spherical shape, different sizes and..

Here is the Meaning of Every Planet in Astrology!

Zodiac" is the imaginary route in which the Sun revolves around the Earth during a period of one year. We write "Imaginary" because it is recognized nowadays that it is the Earth which is travelling around the Sun and not the Sun around the Earth. But this way of expressing the idea, being in continuous use, had better be adhered to for the present.

Basics of Vedic Jyotish

Houses: Houses are the domain of our life where the energies of planet and sign operate. Houses are always fixed and constant. Signs: Signs are the sectors which fall in different houses as per the ascendant. Each sign lies less than 30 degree only. Planets: Planets are the energies representing the will of God on human life and they operate through houses by having the lordship of sign..