Learn Online Vedic Astrology Course in India

Astro Shiksha is offering one-of-a-kind and exceptional Astrology course for you which can be easily learned from the comfort of your home. The online astrology course will be taught by none other than the Best Astrologer of India, Pandit KA Dubey Padmesh Ji. Our Astrology course is well-researched which will make it easier to understand in less time and will make you practically sound in Astrology. You can start predicting the future events of anyone by looking at the Janam Kundli (Birth Chart) of that person and also provide him/her the functional remedies for a better life.

Predictive astrology methods can be roughly broken down into three types: Global Techniques, Specific Techniques and Yogas. A Global Technique is a set of rules for analyzing the horoscope that can be applied to all areas of life which will be discussed in brief in your predictive astrology classes in Delhi. A Specific Technique is a set of rules that applies to only one area of life. Yogas are planetary permutations that attach the individual to specific events and effects. We will take you from the Basic to Advanced level in this course so that you can predict every event accurately.

Learning from best institute of online Astrology

  • Marriage – Match making, Arrange marriage, Love marriage, Re-marriage and Divorce)
  • Education – Education and Higher Education, Stream, Grading Success and Line of Education
  • Career and Profession – Suitable Career with Job and Business. Ups and Down.
  • Childbirth – Complete Tasks related with Child birth
  • Litigations – Types and scale of Litigation. Arrest, Bail, Kidnapping, Home-arrest, Murder etc.
  • Vehicle and Property – Complete Tasks related with Child birth.
  • Travel and Foreign Settlement.
  • Health ( Medical Astrology ) – Diagnose, Surgeries and Calculations.
  • Longevity – Concept as per Nadi Nakshatra
  • Transits – Calculations with Dasha system and Accurate Prediction Delivery.
  • Horary – Accurate Prashan kundali answer.
  • BTR – Birth Time Rectification.
  • Remedies – As per current scenario and event
  • Gem stone – How to select the right one, wear it and importance as per events of life.
  • Event Planning Method – Modern and Scientific Method of Remedy.
  • Understanding Muhurats and their calculations, hindu months, character of the zodiac signs.
  • Learning about the houses and their effects, movement of planets in each house and their consequences.
  • Study of each planet and their character along with their nature and behavior in every house.
  • Understanding the possible behavior of people due to certain yogs and dasha.
  • Understanding mool, tithi, yog and constellations.
  • Principles for the horoscope occuring due to the effects of planets.
  • Remedies for the ill effects caused by the planets and lords.
  • Learning about doshas such as Manglik dosh, Pitra dosh, Manglik dosh etc.
  • Study of match making, question horoscope as well as disease and health horoscope.

Benefits Of Vedic Astrology Course

  • View the world with a different perspective
  • Has good demand in India and the world
  • A good career alternative
  • Can help you achieve financial freedom
  • Make a name and earn fame in your society
  • Help others for a better life