Acharya Lankesh Ji is counted among the best Astrologers of India and hails from the city of Kanpur. He provides expert astrological consultations under various fields of astrology including Numerology, and Vastu. He has sound knowledge of astrology and related science as he offers exact predictions as well as remedies to virtually all the problems you might face in your life. His solutions have proved to be life-changing to most of his clients. He provides solutions with gemstones, Nadi astrologer, Numerology, and Vastu. Lankesh Ji has attended several astrological summits, seminars, and conferences and has stood up with most renowned Astrologers of the country. At Astro Shiksha, Acharya Lankesh Ji will be teaching Vastu course with his immense knowledge in the field

learning from his master

Aacharya Lankesh Ji is a well-known Astrologer and Scientist. He not only has international cultural and astrological exposure but also holds knowledge in the fields of all sorts of astrology as a gateway to significant results to develop and cultivate astrological skills and becoming globally competitive. He also holds knowledge on Vastu, energy converter, dream astrologer, Mantra therapist, neuro therapist, education astrology, aura healer and so on. He has Indians citizenship and he's born and brought up in Kanpur.


He holds many year of experience and knowledge. He had worked as an HOD in Reliance (Global Astrological) services mumbai. He has also functioned as an consultant with various renowned organization like yoga rah production, Tiranga pan masala, Nitin Ispan group, Raj Ratan group, Up now , dastak live news and samachar vichar. He is working as an astrologer from 2007 and still active. He has done his PHD in Astrology with honour and 3 time gold medalist from BHU.