Here’s All You Need To know About Career Astrology

Career and profession is a very important aspect of our lives. A good and well-balanced career and working life stabilise our life, bring satisfaction and a sense of achievement and help us lead a holistic life. After all, who does not wish to become successful in life and earn a good amount of money. But, choosing the right career for you is very important. To start with there are so many options, yet there is no guarantee of success in any one of them –specifically in today's world. There is another side to this problem of plenty there is so much competition that it's not always easy or possible to get into a field you desire. All in all, nowadays, it's pretty tough to choose the best field for making a fulfilling career. With Astrology you can pin-point the career for your life. Well indian metaphysics is always having an answers to every question so career is also guided here as per your horoscope in order to be on track always as money is our first priority these days without which you can’t get a food and other things.

When you take the assistance of Astrology in finding a suitable career/profession, it shall not only help you prosper in the material sense but shall also help you feel contended and grow in all aspects of life. Moreover, if you use the advice you get through an Astrology reading to strengthen your Horoscope and fortune planets, you can explore and harness even your hidden potential. The Planets and Your Horoscope: Each planet, as studied and analysed in Astrology, is attributed with certain qualities, characteristics, attributes and fields. For example, Venus is related to creative fields and performing arts, while Jupiter is related to higher education, philanthropy, education etc. And, the placement of these planets in your Personal Horoscope decides whether they are strong, weak, beneficial, malicious or neutral for you and your life. A study of these planets and their placement in your Horoscope, thus, can help an Astrologer guide you the best and most lucrative fields of career and profession for you.

While a strong planet can give you qualities perfect for a particular profession or career, the ill effects of a malefic planet can obstruct you from taking any benefit from a good period, as per your Horoscope. So, knowing in advance helps! Plus, in deciding the favourable period for any specific event in your life – the transits of Planets, Mahadasha (Main Period) and Antardasha (Sub-period) also play a vital role. These can be ascertained by studying your Horoscope. Your Natural Talents: You will agree that each of us is born with a set of natural inclinations and interests, which generally are also our strong points or areas. Your Personal Horoscope is the blue-print of your life, and a Vedic Astrology expert can draw and interpret it in various ways. Using this art, this guide can pin-point at the areas that you may be naturally strong at – given the placement and strength of planets in your Chart/ Horoscope. These will be the areas, wherein you shall be at your natural best, performing optimally and deriving satisfaction in return. The SWOT: By looking at your Horoscope, an expert astrologer can also find and point out your hidden talents and your natural strengths and weaknesses, and can then guide you accordingly to help you utilise your talents to your maximum advantage. If you happen to be weak in an area, then why try making a career there. If you, however, are pretty interested in such an area, you can still find a way, thanks to Astrology's guidance, to somehow make a career there.

Astrology can also reveal to you precisely the profession/career in which you might achieve a remarkable success. Be it in job or business, strong and favourable planets in your horoscope can give insights as to what the most appropriate profession/career would be the right choice for you so that you may live a happy and blissful life. Career Combinations Service / Business 2-10-11-6/7 2-Accumulation of Wealth; 10-Career, Name, Fame; 11-Financial Gain, Promotion; 6- Service & Working Conditions; 7- Business, Business Partner, Trade & Commerce; 5- 12th from 6th, prevents the native from getting the job & Gains of opposition(Alone good); 8-Obstacles, misfortunates & Insults; 12- Losses / 2nd of opposition ; Sun/ Moon - Government, Mars - Uniform, Jupiter/ Venus/ Mercury - Corporate, Rahu/Ketu/ Saturn - Small Establishments Promotion 2-6-10-11 Written Tests 4-9-11 6-11, 4-11, 5-11, 10-11 Any combos Interview & GD 3-6-11 or 3-11 or 3-10-11 Suspension 5-8-12 Reinstatement 2-6-10-11 If 5-8-12 & 2-6-10-11, instatement after punishment Termination 5-8-12 Subsequent DBA of 5-8-12 after suspension Change in Career 5-9 5-12th from 6th leaving the present work & working conditions; 9- being 12th from 10th signifying leaving the present status & position Change is good/bad 2-10-11-6/7 Bad if 5/6-8-12 are signified Transfer 3-9-12 If DBA of separative planets, person leaves native place for a distant place. If DBA of benefics, transferred to a development place/ country Transfer back 2-4-11 to the native place Transfer order cancel 2-4-11 Along with 3-9-12 Conspiracy 5-8-12 Against the native